January 5 2020 lunar eclipse astrology

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It is extremely exciting to plan your year in advance and make new year resolutions. The most beautiful aspect of the new year is the chance and hope that it brings to turn the life around for the better. This palpable excitement also brings some nervousness and tension about the coming future. To get an idea about what the future may hold for us, we refer to the astrological predictions of our sun signs.

There will be 3 solar eclipses in the year , the first one on January 6, which is a partial solar eclipse. The January partial solar eclipse will occur in the Capricorn sign, rendering powerful Capricorn energy to all the sun signs. During the solar eclipse, the moon positions itself between the Sun and the Earth. It partially blocks the sunlight reflected on the Earth and casts a shadow on it. It is the first sun sign of the zodiac and things are going to turn exciting for you, at least work-wise.

A new career opportunity seems to be coming your way. All the best!

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Things are looking up for fellow Taurians as their finances may begin to improve. You may also want to move towards spirituality and get to know yourself more.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

Buckle up Gemini, this partial solar eclipse might mean a rough ride for you, especially on the work front. Your relationships might be in a turmoil but hold on there and you will sail through the bad times. Pave way for clear communications with your partner by not keeping any secrets. Good news Leos! This eclipse will bring some positive changes to your lifestyle. You can begin by taking care of your health by adopting a new workout routine which suits your needs better. Get, set, go!

Uh oh Virgos, trouble seems to be brewing your way with the re-entry of an ex-lover, so choose your next move wisely. On the other hand, will actually bring some great possibilities your way. This partial solar eclipse may mean that you need to rest and recoupe before you move forward with your goals.

Take out time for yourself and take time to heal. Scorpions, it is a good time to learn something new.

CAPRICORN Eclipse in Jan 2019 Starts a WORLD POWER CHANGE & HUGE PERSONAL SHIFT with a PEAK in 2020

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Sun enters Sagittarius

They can also signal pivotal turning points that help to guide us in the right direction. Eclipses can exert their effects at least one month before and one month after, however they may also act as a trigger, and slowly unravel a particular set of lessons or gifts over many months. Eclipses also bring fated events and help to put us on the right track. Eclipses put us where we need to be, sometimes before we even realize it for ourselves.

SOLAR ECLIPSE 5,6 JANUARY Vision of the days to come | COSMOS OF ASTROLOGY

This can sometimes be a scary or challenging thing, but Eclipses do remind us that there is a higher plan, and a higher reason for the events that unfold in our lives. Before we came into our bodies, our soul made a plan or map of what it wanted and needed to experience, and what type of lessons it wanted to master.

We also come into this life with free will and the choice to choose the path we wish to walk. This freedom of choice allows us to master the lessons we need to, but also allows us to open to the possibilities that this earthly dimension has to offer. We can get clues of our soul map through meditation and our intuition, but also through practices like astrology.

The snapshot of the planets when we were born tell a deeper story, and can help us to piece together part of our soul plan. Eclipses are one of those occurrences that give us the opportunity to peer into the deeper plan of our soul and to pay attention to where we feel guided. By paying attention and tuning within, we can understand where we need to be and what lessons we are destined to fulfil.

It is easy for us to hear this and believe that our soul wants us to learn lessons so we can live these grand, abundant lives that are free from pain and suffering, but our soul really comes here to experience all shades. We cannot escape this life without pain and suffering. Just the same, we cannot escape this life without knowing laughter and love. Life is about learning, it is about growing, it is about experiencing. On the soul journey, there is no good or bad, right or wrong, there just is.

No lesson, no journey is wasted. Whenever we have an Eclipse, it is an opportunity for us all to raise our consciousness and to pay attention to the energies around us.