Cancer babies horoscope

What to Watch Out For: Little Scorpios, ruled by gung-ho Mars and transformative Pluto, are very private—and very protective of their privacy and deepest emotions. Top Traits: Mutable fire sign Sagittarius is entertaining, outspoken, and born to be a globetrotter. They'll do well to learn the art of diplomacy. Top Traits: The cardinal earth sign is practical, driven to succeed, and disciplined. Being given permission to take time-outs for fun serves them well.

Top Traits: Fixed water sign Aquarius is independent, makes friends easily, loves learning, and has a quirky, offbeat sense of humor. They often take on the weight of other people's emotions. They will do well to learn coping skills like mindfulness or meditation early on.

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The Cancer Child

A Taurus mom is a quiet, laid-back, and placid mother, who is loving, protective, patient, stable, and reasonable, but not a pushover. This is a mom who intends to raise well-behaved and responsible children. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn children are the most comfortable with a Taurus mother, but she'll have to tailor her natural mothering traits a bit to be more compatible with the rest of the zodiac kids.

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A Gemini mom is a fun, happy, and mentally stimulating mother who does things in the spur of the moment and has an easy-breezy approach to mothering. Gemini, Liba, and Aquarius kids are the most compatible with a Gemini mom, but she'll have to sacrifice some of her freedom, be more reliable, and pay attention to what the other zodiac children need. A Cancer mom was born to be a mother. She's sensitive to her children needs, is super protective of them, and provides them with a feeling of security.

She's a mother who needs to be needed by her children and would rather they not grow up. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces kids are the most compatible with a Cancer mom. However, she'll need to let go somewhat on her caregiving with the other zodiac kids.

Cancer Child Personality Traits and Characteristics (June 21 to July 22)

A Leo mom is a playful, energetic, dramatic, and affectionate mother who is demanding and knows how to lay down the law with her children. She also expects a lot from her kids but takes great pride in everything they accomplish.

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Leo, Sagittarius, or Aries children are the most compatible with a Leo mom, but to meet the needs of the remaining zodiac children will take a bit of adjustment on the part of a Leo mom. A Virgo mom is a cautious, reserved, vigilant, and at times, an anxiety-ridden mom who has a penchant for worrying about her children's health as well as their happiness.

Cancer Lucky/Unlucky

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn children are the most compatible with a Virgo mom's cautious and reserved style of mothering. For the other zodiac kids , she'll need to modify her mother traits in such a way that she can bring out her child's positive sun sign potential. A Libra mom is an outgoing, optimistic, and good-natured mother who is seldom harsh with her kids and gives them some personal authority. Her most significant challenges as a mom are that she hates to say "no" to her kids.

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the most compatible with a Libra mom's mothering traits. As for the rest of the zodiac children , a Libra mom will have to stretch herself in order to validate their growing sense of self.

A Scorpio mom is a protective mother who has a helicopter mothering style and wants to be involved in every aspect of her children's lives. A Scorpio mom can easily become overly controlling and too involved in her children's lives.

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Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces children are the most compatible with a Scorpio mom's natural style of mothering. But for the remainder of the zodiac kids , she'll need to take care to not be quite so hovering. A Sagittarius mom is has a lenient mothering style.