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The Cambodian, Lao and Thai lunar calendars use a slightly different method to place the intercalary day. Instead of it in a leap year as in the Burmese system, the Thai system places it in a separate year. Thus, the Thai small leap year has days while the Thai great leap year has days. Since the main purpose of Buddhist calendar is to keep pace with the solar year, the new year is always marked by the solar year , which falls at the time when the Sun enters Aries. In the 20th century, the New Year's Day fell on April 15 or 16th but in the 17th century, it fell on April 9 or 10th.

Cambodian and Thai systems give animal names to the years from a cycle of It begins with a prefix "Aek, tor or trei", which means one, two or three respectively using numerals that were derived from the Sanskrit language then the suffix "Sak" is added to each prefix so as to form a word of the year. Cambodian use the Sak system to differentiate the twelve animal years that return every twelve year by including the ten-year system along with the animal year system.

For instance, in , the ten-year and animal year fall in the year of Rooster, Nuppasak era 9 , Buddhist Era of based on Cambodian lunar calendar. The Southeast Asian Buddhist calendars use lunar months but try to keep pace with the solar year, by inserting intercalary months and days on the Metonic cycle in the case of the Burmese calendar, on a modified Metonic cycle.

However, the solar year as defined by the Buddhist calendars is really a sidereal year , which is nearly 24 minutes longer than the actual mean tropical year. Therefore, like all sidereal-based calendars, the lunisolar calendars are slowly drifting away from the seasons. There is no known internationally concerted effort to stop this drift. Thailand has moved its "Buddhist Era" to the Gregorian calendar under the name of Thai solar calendar.

In Myanmar, Burmese calendarists have tried to deal with the issue by periodically modifying the intercalation schedule in the Metonic cycle. One major downside of this approach is that it is not possible to publish future calendars more than a few years often even a year ahead. It was not a separate calendar but simply a year numbering system that employed the organization and calculation methods of the prevailing lunisolar calendars in use throughout the region. The tradition of using different reference calendars continued in Siam in when King Vajiravudh decreed that the Buddhist Era would now track the Thai solar calendar , the Siamese version of the Gregorian calendar with the New Year's Day of 1 April.

Therefore, the Thai Buddhist Era year of began on 1 April as opposed to 15 April according to the lunisolar calendar [20]. As a result, the Year was only 9 months long, and the Thai Buddhist Era equals that of the Common Era plus years.

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The lunisolar calendar is used to mark important Buddhist holidays. Many of the holidays are celebrated as public holidays. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dharma Concepts. Buddhist texts.

Buddhism by country. However, the Metonic cycle, which employs tropical years, is incompatible with sidereal based Hindu calendars, and thus was not and still is not used in Hindu calendars. Chatterjee suggests that the Metonic system was introduced to Burma by Europeans.

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