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Other planets are a big factor in whether this match is a love connection. Scorpios who can be objective about their obsessive nature reassure Libras that they're not diving off the deep end. Libra needs room to move and a partner with a flexible, open mind. Libras crave peace and a stylish home for relaxing and entertaining.

Scorpios are social but need breathing room to move through their demanding cycles of change. A key to weathering the storms is understanding what each needs to stay on a healthy growth path. Libras with sensuality and strong libidos give sexual Scorpios something to latch onto.

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Scorpios need to take that intimate journey to the center of their partners' heart. Libra's nature is to transcend the primal through beauty, charm, and an instinct for mirroring what they think the other wants. In a twosome, they point in different directions. This understanding gap can be bridged when other planets especially Venus and the Moon are in sync.

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When there's enough of what the other wants and needs, this match has potential. Otherwise, it's like looking for love in all the wrong places.

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Continue Reading. Because of this, this Sagittarius Libra compatibility will be balanced and compatible. Sagittarius star sign will continually be looking for knowledge of the big things. They are curious about the truth, about the meaning behind things like life and death. Librans will think of new ideas a lot. Sagittarians will be eager to go with their partner.

They will want to become familiar with the new concept. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Sagittarius is a Fire sign and Libra is an Air sign. They will have a lot of kinetic energy. Air will spread fire and make it grow exponentially.

Libra Compatibility with Zodiac Signs

The relationship will be heated and enthusiastic. Sagittarius will seem to be the one steering the relationship. However, Libra will be the one to control things behind the scenes. They are both energetic to the extreme.

They can easily run together far and wide. The Sagittarius Libra compatibility will be a smooth relationship if the archer feels that they have enough freedom and independence. Sagittarius is a Mutable sign. They have a lot of flexibility and is adaptable. They will not mind the Libran making changes to their plans. Libra is a Cardinal sign. They will be the one to start things. They will think up new ideas and new places to go.

However, they can change their mind on a whim. The best thing about the Sagittarius and Libra love compatibility in a romantic relationship is that they are both interested in cultivating knowledge. They will both want to use intellect. Sagittarius and Libra soul mates will work well together. They can accomplish a lot together both emotionally and geographically. Sagittarius dating Libra will work well together because they are looking for comparable things in life. Libra is the idealist of the zodiac. They will always look for perfection. Sagittarius personality is the adventurer of the zodiac.

They will be looking for the next great thrill or a new learning experience. Sagittarius Libra compatibility will be playful and good-natured. They will have relationship based on a strong friendship. They will both like each other a lot. The archer likes to explore. The scales will find this stimulating.

They will be willing to let the Sagittarian have the independence they need. Libra men and Libra women have a vivacious love of life.

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Sagittarius is fascinated by this. They will be more than willing to give their lover more commitment than other zodiac signs. The idealist might be able to tame the adventurer. The Libran can do this by asking the archer to stay by their side rather than demanding it. The archer might want to explore but they will always return to the Libran. Because of this, the Sagittarius Libra love compatibility will have magic. A proper whirlwind would do Aries good. You're most compatible with Pisces , Scorpio, Virgo, and Taurus.

It's these signs that are up for the challenge of getting straight to the point, as Capricorns prefer. Capricorns are a prickly lot. Not only do they want to get straight to the point, but they don't like to waste time — both the time of others and especially their own time. They can also be somewhat negative.

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Because of this, only Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo, and Taurus are willing to get involved because it just feels right, because it is right. You won't find any short-lived relationships here, but long, happy ones that will be able to withstand whatever is thrown their way. As much as these three signs enjoy people , they put their freedom and independence above all else. Because of this, the need to have some alone time will never be an issue for a Gemini or Libra who dates an Aquarius, because they understand that need in ways that other signs may not.

While culture may try to dictate what a romantic relationship should and shouldn't be, Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra thumb their noses at these restrictions. They allow each other to explore independently, travel solo, and actually welcome the idea of sleeping in separate rooms. When Aquarius is lucky enough to find themselves with a Libra or Gemini, they've found someone who gets them through and through. For Pisces, the need to be with fellow water signs , Scorpios and Cancers, is the best way to ensure a relationship that's harmonious and long-lasting.